Wind Warriors Past and Present! —

Wind Warriors Past and Present! —

Our friends in Iowa are desperate! If you have any contacts in Iowa,
please help.

As the home of Senator Charles Grassley, who wrote the original federal
Production Tax Credit bill in 1992, Iowa is a crucial battle line. There
is now significant pushback in Iowa against the continued encroachment
of ever-larger wind turbines near homes and workplaces, not to mention
the environmental destruction to valuable farmland and habitat.

In response, the state legislature is fielding several bills concerning
wind energy development. They are all at preliminary stages right now,
but needless to say, there is a lot of activity around them. The
legislators need to hear from the people, not just the wind industry lobby.

So far, these are the bills at play, with their salient points:

Senate File 361 – Senators Brown, Chapman, Zaun, and Edler –
<> –
Setback greater of 2-1/2 times total height or 1,250 feet from
nonparticipating property.

Senate File 232 – Senator Zaun –
<> –
Setback 500 feet from property line.

House File 159 – Representative Shipley –
<> –
County board of supervisors “may establish standards and requirements
regarding the installation or siting of wind energy conversion
facilities located within the jurisdiction of the county and shall make
the final determination regarding the installation or siting of any such
facility” (instead of the Iowa Utilities Board).

House File 193 – Representative Shipley –
<> –
Setback 2,500 feet from residential property line.

Relevant news development: <> – Jeff
Danielson, after 15 years in the Iowa Senate, takes job with American
Wind Energy Association to lead advocacy efforts across the Midwestern
and Plains states.

Iowa contact: Janna Swanson <>, President of the
Coalition for Rural Property Rights and National Wind Watch board member

Thank you!

Eric Rosenbloom
National Wind Watch, Inc.

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