BigWind in Seneca county, Ohio forced to press the Brakes (Delay)


screenshot2019-01-31at8.38.05amSeneca Wind Petitions The OPSB for a Two-Month Delay in their Project and Hearings

As many things have come crashing down around sPower in the last few months it appears that they are officially struggling to continue on with their schedule as they had originally planned. According to a document filed today on the OPSB’s website for the Seneca Wind Project, sPower has formally asked the OPSB to delay their Seneca Wind Project’s schedule by at least two months!

It appears that this is just another issue that sPower has encountered recently in their efforts to make this project work. It is certain that they are finally realizing just how difficult of an uphill climb this is going to be if they want to try and push their industrial wind turbine sprawl in Seneca County!

Pursuant to Ohio Administrative Code (“OAC”) 4906-2-07(A) and OAC 4906-2-27(A), Seneca Wind, LLC (“Seneca Wind”…

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