More Blackouts In South Australia–Where’s Elon Musk?


By Paul Homewood


Didn’t Premier Jay Weatherill promise South Australians that Elon Musk’s massively expensive battery storage installed a couple of years ago would protect them from future blackouts?



SA Power Networks has apologised to tens of thousands of South Australian customers who were left without electricity during the state’s record heat.

The electricity transmission company has confirmed about 25,000 properties were blacked out when infrastructure began to buckle in the extreme conditions.

Ninety transformers crashed across the state’s transmission network while a substation at Fulham Gardens tripped, leaving 15,000 western suburbs customers without power late yesterday.

“After days of heat, we were in some unchartered territory yesterday with record heat and record load sustained well into the night,” Paul Roberts from SA Power Networks said.

“We understand customers would be inconvenienced by these outages. Given the number of outages affecting small localised groups of 50 to 170…

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