People Power: German Professors Lead 1,000 Anti-Wind Industry Groups in Assault on Toxic Wind Power


Who would have thought locals would revolt?

Overrun by 30,000 wind turbines, rural Germans are on the brink of revolt, with over 1,000 groups determined to win back their heartland.

Dwarfed by 200m, 300 tonne behemoths, driven mad by practically incessant low-frequency noise and infrasound, or driven from their homes, tens of thousands of Germans have had enough.

One of the largest and best organised of Germany’s community defenders is Vernunftkraft, a group headed up by ecologists, engineers and economists, many of whom are professors tenured at Germany’s universities. These people are organised; these people are angry.

Here’s No Tricks Zone reporting on Germany’s brewing anti-wind industry backlash.

Swiss Daily NZZ: More Than 1000 Citizen Wind Energy Protest Groups …Germany “On Path To The Unknown”
No Tricks Zone
Pierre Gosselin
15 January 2019

Although resistance to littering the landscape with industrial wind turbines continues to grow…

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