Knuckle-Heads: Wind Industry Thugs Beat Up Welsh Grannies During Community Protest


There are few universal truths: community hostility to giant wind turbines is one, the thuggery employed by wind power outfits, is another.

Wherever in the world the wind industry plies it subsidy-soaked trade, rural folk are treated as ‘roadkill’: lied to, bullied and beaten. As in the case of Jim Field, a 79-year-old disabled farmer from Rye Park in New South Wales: Wind Industry Belting its ‘Message’ Home: Trustpower’s Thugs Assault 79-Year-Old Pensioner & Disabled Farmer

In the original Wales, a wind power outfit is employing the same tactics against a group of tenacious Taffys, keen to avoid the inevitable community destruction that follows the erection of these things. As push came to shove, one grey-haired defender was lucky to escape alive.

Heart-in-mouth moment woman falls in path of oncoming cement lorry at wind farm protest
Wales Online
Robert Harries
4 January 2019

Protester narrowly escapes developer’s oncoming lorry, in…

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