Frank Haggerty ABC Fails Follow-Up Falmouth Wind Turbine II -Missed ARRA Loan Fraud

Massachusetts December 27 , 2018 

As of November 21, 2013, ABC News had long valued investigative journalism, but in this case, appears to have dropped the ball on wind turbine ARRA Funds 

ABC News reporter Susan Donaldson James did a story called: “Cape Cod Wind Turbine Syndrome: Are They ‘Whiners’ or Not?” Susan ended her story wondering: “Are they “nuts”? Or is that a slight pressure I feel in my sinuses? Maybe it’s time to go.”

ABC news was undoubtedly attracted to Falmouth because there had been a townwide vote in April of 2013 to take down the two town-owned wind turbines, the majority of the town voters said to keep them up.

So what did ABC miss in their story? 

The Town of Falmouth, Massachusetts between 2009 and 2010 bought two foreign-made Vestas V-82 type 1.65 megawatt wind turbines after General Electric a domestic wind turbine company refused to build a single wind turbine because of residential setbacks and ice throw to a nearby highway. Safety and health was the main issue with General Electric. 

The turbines are named Falmouth Wind I and Wind II. The most politically embarrassing wind turbine is Falmouth Wind II purchased with American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA) economic-stimulus package money through the Massachusetts Clean Water Trust. The money was to build American and put Americans to work and can not be used if the loans/grant present a danger to public health or safety related to the implementation or use of recovery funds aka stimulus money.

The Town of Falmouth in order to purchase Falmouth Wind II with ARRA funds applied for an EPA federal waiver to buy a foreign made Wind II turbine because no domestic wind company was available? The town in the EPA waiver application omitted that General Electric refused to place a wind turbine because of safety and health. General Electric at that time of the refusal had access to a town noise study done by KEMA Inc that their turbine would exceed state noise levels at nearby residents. The town according to the EPA waiver also failed to file Falmouth Special Permit 240-166 which required additional notification to the Zoning Board and neighbors.

The “Smoking Gun” document is that Vestas wind company prior to the installations of the wind turbines warned by email that their turbines generated 110 decibels of noise twice as loud as the General Electric turbine. Vestas in August of 2010 wrote a letter to the town warning the turbines do generate 110 decibels each.

The town continues to hide the August 2010 Vestas noise letter from the public. To date, the Falmouth Board of Health or the Massachusetts Department of Health has never interviewed or examined a single wind turbine victim. State and town officials have always known prior to the installations the turbines generate a dangerous chest pounding 110 decibels of noise.

Worldwide residents around wind turbines suffer sleep deprivation, headaches, and dizziness. Massachusetts state officials portray Massachusetts residents around wind turbines as a bunch of Hollywood actors who have been telling the same story for eight years? 

In June of 2017 after as many as twenty lawsuits the Massachusetts courts shut down the chest pounding 110-decibel nuisance Falmouth town owned wind turbines. Falmouth Town Meeting Members were urged to spend as much as $260,000.00 every six months on wind turbine litigation against the neighbors of the turbines.

So why did local Falmouth Select Board Members try and outspend the wind turbine victims court?

Massachusetts put politics ahead of health and safety when it came to using ARRA, stimulus funds to build Falmouth Wind II. 

Former Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick had a land-based wind turbine agenda of 2000 megawatts of wind power by the year 2020. Massachusetts has twenty-one communities with poorly placed megawatt wind turbines. The land-based wind turbine agenda has become a safety and health fiasco.

Deval Patrick a Democrat is contemplating a Presidential campaign in 2020. During his time as Governor, the Massachusetts Democratic Party Platform called for an all-out war on fossil fuels using commercial wind turbines as their weapon of choice. The neighbors in twenty-one communities became collateral damage.

The Town of Falmouth is now going to attempt to reuse the ARRA stimulus funds to move Falmouth Wind II a few hundred feet to sidestep Massachusetts court shut down of the town-owned turbines. 

The last thing the news media with a Democratic political agenda wants is to investigate how American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA) economic-stimulus package money through the Massachusetts Clean Water Trust was used to take the health and property rights of Falmouth citizens. Especially if former Governor Deval Patrick is contemplating any kind of future political career.

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