2 responses to “Torture Earns Subsidies

  1. Dear Andreas

    Thank you for continuing to send information, which in turn keeps us sane, in our battle against this industry. Can you tell me anything about the grid connections of the turbines. We have a substation up beside our home 24m from door and now it is used as a grid connection point for turbines and windfarms to a radius of twelve miles.The power company denied this for three years. Now they have admitted but say it has left it a lot safer. We disagree.

    Kindest regards



    • Hi Mary I’m happy that my Info is of sum use to you , I have been gathering Info on Industrial wind Turbines for over 8 years and there effects on People & Animals and the environment, I do recall having a number of articles on substations and interconnectors as sum people do have problems with them, as did I at my Home in Waterloo, the substation was a stone throw away at the rear of my place with nothing in the way bar a fue shrubs and smaller trees , the constand dronning 24/7 was bad , I had constant power problems in my House went thru Light bulbs like nothing, had a electrician test the power in my house found that my power supply was much to high 220v-240v is the standard, my home on the day of testing was 268v, I had a lot of electrical burn out and no TV reception, part from Substation part from the 37x 3MW wind Turbines with in eye sight above the town on a ridge spreading 18 km. mittlerweile they added 6 more Turbines.
      I do remember that the Wind Turbines offen blow up the underground supply cables to the substations as they put out more power the the Transformer could handle and would over heat and workers would be the all the time sum times working all night , after the first few blowouts they went and build another bigger substation 500 mtr. from the one behind my place.
      I will look out for the Info as I go true my stored files and post them again,
      If you Like Mary you can always look at my other posting on Facebook or Blogger, or Goggle+ or Linkedin or Tweeter. as I have posted in them for many years as well trying to get out as much Info as I can.
      or just Google my Name : Andreas Marciniak and you will see all the links to my pages.
      stay well and strong

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