Reality Bites: ‘Transition’ to All Wind & Solar Powered Future Pure Fantasy

Plenty of destructive ideas have been launched on the back of well-crafted propaganda campaigns. The wind and solar industries have used every trick in the PR book, turning pure fantasy into an all-too-real nightmare.

Where electricity was once an essential service, which governments went out of their way to insure was available to all-comers, heavily subsidised, weather dependent wind and solar have trashed that idea. Nowadays, governments of all persuasions have taken to educating the populous that they are ‘demand resources’ and subject to ‘demand management’. That is, unceremoniously chopping the power supply to households and businesses, whenever the sun sets or calm weather sets in.

Rocketing power prices have a more immediate and permanent effect – tens of thousands of Australian households can no longer afford electricity and have had their power cut off, completely: Australia’s Self-Inflicted Renewable Energy Crisis: 200,000 Families Can’t Afford Power

We guess that that constitutes ‘demand management’, too?

In the world of renewable energy zealotry, the English language has taken a first-class battering.

The chaotically intermittent delivery of wind and solar becomes ‘variable power generation’. Wind ‘energy’ is always referred to as ‘free’.

And it all started by turning an odourless, colourless, naturally occurring trace gas, essential for all life on earth, into ‘carbon pollution’.

Here’s John Droz Jr with a catalogue of the kind of language abuse, for which eco-zealots have become renowned.

via Reality Bites: ‘Transition’ to All Wind & Solar Powered Future Pure Fantasy

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