Falmouth’s WIND 2 Debacle

Falmouth's Firetower Wind


Falmouth Town Counsel Frank Duffy’s comment, “… Wind 1 and Wind 2 do not share the same legal status…”, according to Attorney Mark Bobrowski (special counsel to the ZBA on wind turbine matters) — ACTUALLY, THEY DO!!!


— Wind 1 (2009-10) was built “unlawfully” or “noncompliant” with zoning bylaw.
– The Massachusetts Appeals Court ruled in Drummey v. Falmouth that a windmill (Wind 1), according to the 1981 Windmill Bylaw, needed a special permit.
— Wind 1 was denied a special permit by Falmouth’s ZBA and the Town did not appeal.
– Wind 1 was determined to be a non-complying structure and ordered dismantled and removed by order of the current building commissioner.

— Wind 2 (2010-11) was built “unlawfully” or “noncompliant” with zoning bylaw.
— The town has never applied for a Wind 2 special permit (windmills/wind turbines…

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