Deepwater in Deep Trouble: Fishermen Tell Off-Shore Wind Farm Developers to F@*#K Off

Wind developers just ran aground off the New Jersey coast, with fishermen telling them to stick their wind turbines where the sun don’t shine.

Gripped with a maniacal obsession with wind power, New York State, under Andrew Cuomo, is determined to wreck its once affordable and reliable power supplies, and much more, besides. It’s not as if New Yorkers are short of power.

With tens of billions of dollars in subsidies up for grabs, RE rent-seekers have scoped out every last inch of territory in which they might get to spear a few more of these whirling wonders, and start harvesting those subsidies, in earnest. Like all forms of crony capitalism, the rent-seekers will do and say anything to win political favour. Building subsidised offshore wind turbines, is no exception.

Part of the ‘theatre’ involves holding ‘community consultations’, where the developer’s coterie of hand-picked and highly paid pet experts pontificate about how every possible problem has been considered and already solved. They usually go further and claim that there’ll be thousands of permanent, well-paid jobs for locals; children will do better at school; millions of homes will be powered, for free; and all manner of rare and endangered species will be brought back from the brink of extinction, blah, blah, blah.

A mixture of gobbledygook and bureau-speak is dished up as if it was scientific fact.

Ordinarily, the audience watches on with eyes glazed over and sits in a brooding silence. Occasionally, the handful who actually understand that they’re being taken for fools, launch into a tirade against the developer’s PR hit squad.

Over time, though, the lies and propaganda have started to wear thin, and the numbers ready to tackle them, have increased.

Locals recognise that these people couldn’t care less about their lives and livelihoods.

The fishermen and their families who have worked off Long Island and New Jersey for generations, are alive to the fact that constructing hundreds of turbines will not only destroy the seabed (the source of their income and prosperity), but wreck their fishing grounds, forever.

Trawlermen are a fearless and tenacious bunch, renowned for their salty language.

So, it’s hardly surprising that they gave the developer’s spin doctors a right royal serve, using language usually reserved for the lower decks.

via Deepwater in Deep Trouble: Fishermen Tell Off-Shore Wind Farm Developers to F@*#K Off

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