Renewable Energy Zealots Surrender: Coal Will Continue to Power Australia for 20 More Years

Renewable energy zealots claim spiralling power prices and rolling blackouts are just ‘teething troubles’ as we ‘transition’ to our 100% all RE future.

On their worldview, it’s a matter of when, not if, modern economies end up completely ditching ‘dirty’ coal-fired power plants, and otherwise wean themselves off fossil fuels, altogether.

Trouble is, in places like notionally wind powered South Australia and Germany, the so-called ‘transition’ inevitably smacked into reality: the only thing inevitable about it, is more chaos, triggering a run of new promises and even bigger lies.

Every time the facts trouble their fanciful narrative, the narrative shifts, yet again.

Whether it be Elon Musk’s promise of mega-batteries (a $150 million wheeze that would power SA for all of four minutes), pumped hydro systems using seawater (the only hydro system using salt water predictably rusted to a halt on the island of Okinawa, a mere 17 years after it commenced operation) or dictating that power consumers stop being power consumers (whenever breezes drop to zephyrs and/or the sun drops behind the horizon).

Germany has spent a colossal amount in its attempt to run on the sun and wind. However, just like everywhere else on the planet, the sun sets and the wind blows at its convenience, rather than at the convenience of industry and households.

After a near death experience in January 2017 (when wind and solar power output collapsed for weeks and the grid nearly collapsed, too), Germans, and German industry in particular, got serious. Its power generators were forced to fire up mothballed coal-fired power plants and accelerated their efforts to build new and more efficient plants.

Instead of transitioning away from coal, the Germans are transitioning back to the stuff.

Despite the hype, Australia has never looked like transitioning away from coal-fired power. On average, coal-fired power satisfies more than 75% of Australia’s electricity demand. After sunset on a breathless 42°C summer’s day (when air conditioners are at full throttle), the figure is closer to 90%.

The Australian Energy Market Operator is headed up by eco-zealots, including Audrey Zibelman. Audrey jetted in from the USA on her mission to destroy Australia’s affordable and reliable electricity supply. Before that, she was well advanced on the same mission in New York State, and was set to do the same across the USA, when Hillary Clinton was whipped by Donald Trump. Correctly reading the tea leaves, Audrey packed up stumps and headed Downunder to extol the ‘virtues’ of nature’s wonder fuels here.

Trouble for the all RE narrative is, that it’s another one of nature’s gifts that’s attracted Audrey’s attention.

via Renewable Energy Zealots Surrender: Coal Will Continue to Power Australia for 20 More Years

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