Ontario Ousts Renewables Obsessed Government: Wind Power Subsidies ‘Gone With The Wynne’

One modern myth is that political annihilation awaits any government devoted to reliable and affordable power.

The meme has it that 100% of voters are 100% in favour of 100% renewable energy.

They just might be. But, when faced with load-sheddingstatewide blackouts and rocketing power prices, their purported fervour for nature’s wonder fuels tends to wane.

South Australian voters relegated its wind and solar obsessed Labor government to the political dustbin, in March this year. Then Premier, Jay Weatherill went to the election promising to deliver on a ludicrous 75% RET.

Now, Ontario’s similarly embattled households and businesses have done the same.

The Progressive Conservatives have snatched power from an arrogant and out-of-touch Liberal government, headed up by the malevolent Kathleen Wynne.

The parallels with South Australia’s Labor government in its dying days are uncanny.

Like Weatherill, Wynne was big on rhetoric and wild with promises (using other people’s money, of course), but the mob eventually works you out.

Those Australian politicians who believe that they will be rewarded for the kind of misanthropic energy policy dished up by Wynne in Ontario, need to think again.

Driving power prices through the roof, on the flimsiest justification, is hardly sound policy.

Treating Ontario’s farmers with practiced contempt, probably helped seal Wynne’s fate.

In Chatham-Kent, wind turbine construction has destroyed the county’s once potable, underground water supplies, leaving hundreds of rural residents with nothing but a filthy, toxic sludge. Wynne’s Liberals not only ignored the issue, they worked with wind power outfits to cover up the (pretty obvious) cause and even claimed the brownish goop was fit to drink.

The short lesson is that anyone banking on governing on the back of renewable energy zealotry, will eventually be brought to account.

Jay Weatherill and Kathleen Wynne aren’t the first deluded ideologues to hit the political dustbin; they won’t be the last. Here’s how things have panned out in Ontario.

via Ontario Ousts Renewables Obsessed Government: Wind Power Subsidies ‘Gone With The Wynne’

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