Wind Industry’s Dirty Rotten Scoundrels: Trade on Endless Lies, Bullying & Deceit

In order to worm their way into rural communities, wind industry goons employ a mix of varnished lies, deceit and old-school thuggery.

Over the last decade, wind power outfits have been able to beguile the gullible and hoodwink the unsuspecting.  They usually start with a colossal lie and work up from there.  However, as soon as locals rumble them, they retreat to a form of obfuscation and prevarication – dissembling over inconvenient facts, like a furtive schoolboy caught holding a slingshot a stone’s throw from a busted window.

When the lies and deceit cease to work, they resort to coercion and undue influence, as they bully the people they cynically call ‘stakeholders’ – to the extent required to get their projects up and running.

The problem for the wind industry arises from websites like STT, among others.

Laid out on this site, in over 2,000 posts, are the facts that drive wind industry goons nuts.

Bearing in mind that the wind industry is a well-resourced (think hundreds of billions of dollars in subsidies) and well-organised machine, with hundreds of overpaid lobbyists lining the pockets of politicians, it’s a miracle that ordinary folk have the faintest clue what’s being done to their electricity system, let alone the rural communities that are forced to suffer – first hand – the direct and immediate consequences of the greatest economic and environmental fraud, of all time.

But, despite a veritable army of PR experts, tame politicians and fawning journos, it doesn’t take long for the truth to surface.  Once reasonable people are presented with the facts, they turn against the wind industry, with a vengeance.

Here’s just another example.

via Wind Industry’s Dirty Rotten Scoundrels: Trade on Endless Lies, Bullying & Deceit

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