Dunce School: Electricity Generation 101 for the Wind & Sun Worshipper

It takes a special brand of ignorance to still believe that the world can run on sunshine and breezes. Whether you blame a breakdown in the education system or a Trotskyite takeover of the mainstream media, the results are the same: there’s a stubborn rump who continue to turn fantasy into ‘fact’; who are incapable of distinguishing the former from the latter; and who are by far the most rabid and shrill when it comes to the topic of the generation of electricity.

Our good friends logic and reason were sacrificed on the altar of ideology, a generation ago.

Defending those critical attributes of an ordered and civil society is what STT is all about. Of course, the wind and sun cult hate us for that.

You can’t blame them; when you have a child-like belief in something you deeply love (think Father Christmas, the Easter Bunny, talking unicorns) and someone determines to deliver the stark cold reality, the messenger soon becomes the villain.

STT is happy to be that kind of villain, knowing that there is a perfect cure for ignorance. Although, perhaps not where that form of ignorance is necessary for one’s very existence (think renewables rent-seekers and those that spruik on their behalf). But then, that’s not really ignorance, it’s an exhibition of self-interest.

Since December 2012, STT has been laying out the facts and figures which demonstrate that massively subsidised, utterly unreliable and completely chaotic wind power sits in the very same category as gift-laden fat blokes in red suits coming down chimneys, rabbits laying chocolate eggs in gardens and one-horned ponies hopping into the laps of vestal virgins.

Here’s a few more facts and figures from Alan Moran, aimed at remedying the latest form of entrenched and collective ignorance.

via Dunce School: Electricity Generation 101 for the Wind & Sun Worshipper

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