A (Satirical) Rebuttal to “The Astounding Non-Success Of Sparky Cars”

Watts Up With That?

Guest satirical rebuttal by David Middleton

Willis’ post on EV’s was very unfair… At least according to some of the comments.  So I thought I would post some graphs demonstrating that EV’s aren’t quite so astoundingly unsuccessful.

One of my favorite metrics is Ford F-Series pickup trucks versus electric vehicles.  F-Series sales literally crush EV sales… But, EV’s don’t appear to be losing much ground against the F-Series.  EV’s are falling further behind F-Series sales at a somewhat slower pace than they were in 2017.

FvsEV Data Sources: CarSalesBase.com and InsideEVs.com.
2018 sales extrapolated from Q1 2018.

The sum total of US EV sales (all makes and models) has almost caught up with Jeep Wrangler sales…

EVvsJeep Make/model sales data from the Wall Street Journal Market Data Center.

The EV market share has literally skyrocketed from 0.4% to 1.3% of US light weight vehicle sales.

EVpct US light weight vehicle sales…

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