Why Pulsing Low-Frequency Wind Turbine Noise is so Annoying to Neighbours

Trying to explain the pulsing, rhythmic low-frequency noise generated by wind turbines to someone who hasn’t had to live with it, is like trying to explain a migraine to someone that’s never had a headache.

One man who has done more than anybody in Australia to provide an objective explanation as to just why wind turbine noise is so annoying to those forced to suffer it, is Steven Cooper.

Ethical and compassionate, Cooper takes any kind of noise complaint seriously, and treats people complaining about wind turbine noise as human beings, not ‘receptors’ – unlike the noise consultants paid to do the wind industry’s bidding.

A month back, STT had the pleasure of breaking Steven’s recent research that proved a direct causal relationship between pulsing, wind turbine noise and the sensations and symptoms neighbours suffer.

In a laboratory setting, Cooper reproduced wind turbine noise, exposed 9 people to it and found that “sound between 30Hz and 1200 Hz (ie not infrasound) which is inaudible, but pulsating, ie at or below the threshold of hearing, can directly and reliably induce symptoms in noise sensitized individuals”: Smoking Gun: Research Proves ‘Inaudible’ Pulsing Wind Turbine Noise Direct Cause of Adverse Symptoms

In this piece from Master Resource, Sherri Lange interviews Steven Cooper about that research and on where he’s headed next.

via Why Pulsing Low-Frequency Wind Turbine Noise is so Annoying to Neighbours


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