Remember when ‘climate change’ was the reason for the Syrian war? Never mind…

Watts Up With That?

I remember laughing to myself when I first read about this in The Guardian. I thought it was junk science then, turns out I was right.

There is a new study from the University of Melbourne, the Georg Eckert Institute and Freie Universität which has found several problems with research related to assessing the propensity for war amid environmental changes due to ‘global warming’.

The paper, just published in Nature Climate Change, demonstrates that much of current research on the topic (such as what was pushed by the Guardian article) suffers from a multitude of flaws and bias. The study points out that making predictions regarding future conflicts must be based on unbiased research efforts, and this is something that has not been done very well so far.

The researchers examined over 100 papers published from 1990 to 2017 claiming a link between global warming and warfare, and they found substantial…

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