Wind Farm Neighbours Burnt Out by Bushfire Sparked by Infigen Pursue $Millions in NSW Supreme Court

Wind turbines are as useless as they are dangerous. Their dangers include the ability of self-immolating turbines and/or the often shoddily constructed electricity infrastructure meant to support them to spark terrifying bushfires, especially in the tinder dry Australian countryside in summer – so far, at least 4 bushfires have been started by turbines in Australia: BUSHFIRE RED ALERT: Wind Power Really Is Setting the World on FIRE

The odd blaze here and there might be forgiven if the source of the fiery devastation provided some necessary benefit to the community, as a whole. The only ‘benefit’ attached to wind power – a power source abandoned centuries ago for very obvious reasons – is an endless stream of subsidies, a benefit only returned to those in on the rort.

On 17 January 2017, wind farm operator Infigen sparked a blaze that ripped across the southern Tablelands of NSW and destroyed 3,400 hectares (8,400 acres), hundreds of sheep and cattle, sheds and at least one home. STT first reported on it on 25 January: Wind Power Setting the World on Fire: Infigen Sparks Devastating NSW Bushfire

The losses suffered by neighbours are in the tens of $millions. A class-action was launched in May 2017 in which those neighbours are chasing Australia’s most notorious wind power outfit for more than $20 million in loss and damage: Neighbours Sue Wind Power Operator – Infigen – for $20m Damages Caused by Devastating Wind Farm Fire

It comes as no surprise that Infigen –  renowned for treating rural communities with complete contempt – is refusing to accept any liability to the victims of the horrifying bushfire it sparked 12 months ago. Here’s a wrap-up on where the litigation is at.

via Wind Farm Neighbours Burnt Out by Bushfire Sparked by Infigen Pursue $Millions in NSW Supreme Court


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