New financial product aims to solve ‘valley of death’ for promising energy technologies

Watts Up With That?

From Eurekalert

Public Release: 28-Sep-2017

Case Western Reserve University

151703_webIMAGE: This is Anurag Gupta. view more
Credit: CWRU

With a grant from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), researchers at Case Western Reserve University will develop a new financial product to attract a broader pool of long-term private investors to new technologies offered by energy startup companies.

The goal is to help bridge the so-called “valley of death”–the gap between a startup’s initial seed investment and later rounds of financing when the new company has already scaled up and is profitable. That gap can leave a promising startup struggling with cash-flow, as additional private investment can be difficult to secure until a new technology advances from an idea to proven success.

“There is an immense challenge in the new energy sector, with venture capitalists drifting away from clean technology investments in recent years, making it tougher for startups in this…

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