Heartless Hypocrites: Renewables Zealots Treat Jobless Thousands as ‘Collateral Damage’

In Australia’s rushed and ridiculous attempt to run on sunshine and breezes, objectivity and compassion were early casualties.Boffins, journalists and pundits from the green-left end of the swamp worship wind and solar power as the beguiled from some mediaeval cult. What singles out these Pinot Gris sipping neo-Marxists is their malignancy towards Australia’s blue-collar worker.With a grid on the brink of collapse and retail power prices (once the cheapest in the world) rocketing to the top of the table (wind powered South Australia sits comfortably at the top), it’s the permanent and irreversible economic harm done by the Federal government’s Large-Scale RET that ought to concern anyone purporting to claim a confederacy with the working class.However, somehow, the class of characters that worship the wind and the sun couldn’t care less about the thousands of jobs which have been lost to rocketing power prices, already, and the tens of thousands of jobs which will inevitably be lost to countries with power prices, a tiny fraction of those prevailing here.Manufacturing, mineral processing and mining are all under threat. As are the well-paid jobs these industries provide.Once upon a time, the Australian Labor Party would fight tooth and nail for the worker; going so far as to have identified a ‘right to work’. These days, however, it’s about being in on the greatest government mandated wealth transfer of all time, using Union Super Funds to cash in on the wind and solar subsidies, which the ALP will defend to its last. The only thing the ALP fights for now, is lining its MP’s pockets. Rank hypocrisy, doesn’t cover it.On that very theme, in this cracking article, Nick Cater takes on a veritable rogue’s gallery of hypocrites.

Source: Heartless Hypocrites: Renewables Zealots Treat Jobless Thousands as ‘Collateral Damage’

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