It’s worse than They thought: warming is slower than predicted

Watts Up With That?

By Christopher Monckton of Brenchley

When The Times, a Murdoch paper previously slavish in kow-towing to the Party Line on climate, leads with a story picked up from the more healthily skeptical Daily Mail to the effect that climate scientists have admitted “the threat of global warming is not as bad as previously thought”, one’s first instinct is to cheer.

In the climate debate, though, it pays to read the small print. Official climatology does not usually admit its many errors: instead, we are ordered to obey the “consensus”, as the Party Line is these days rebranded. On reading the headlines, I suspected at once that the true purpose of the latest admission, by Millar et al. in the current issue of Nature Geo“science”, is to minimize and thus to conceal the true magnitude of past over-predictions.

Here is how the Daily Mail reported the latest findings:

“The research…

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