If CO2 Really is ‘Pollution’, There’s Only One Solution: Nuclear Power

In the climate alarmists’ worldwide crusade against carbon dioxide gas, only the most delusional still believe that wind and solar power add anything to their arsenal.One of America’s leading eco-warriors, Michael Shellenberger has turned on wind and solar with a passion, instead he’s now advocating for an all-atomic energy future, simply because the latter provides reliable power, whereas the former are a childish nonsense.With Australia’s Renewable Energy Target (focused almost exclusively on wind and solar at the expense of everything else) having all but destroyed Australia’s Eastern Grid, as well as being responsible for the highest power prices in the world, commentators and pundits are now starting to consider the nuclear alternative.As Michael Shellenberger recognises, building a system of nuclear power generation renders wind and solar utterly redundant. If the point is cutting CO2 emissions and powering an economy, nuclear power stands alone. And, unlike weather and time dependent wind and solar, nuclear power doesn’t need anything else to prop it up.Here’s The Australian’s Graham Lloyd with a pretty solid wrap-up on what should be Australia’s nuclear powered future.

Source: If CO2 Really is ‘Pollution’, There’s Only One Solution: Nuclear Power

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