Stopping the ‘National Climate Scare’

Watts Up With That?

Guest opinion by Dr. Patrick J. Michaels

The Global Change Research Act of 1990 requires the U.S. Global Change Research Program (USGCRP; also established in the Act) to provide quadrennial reports to Congress on the effects of climate change on our country.  This hasn’t been explicitly followed (with such reports published in 2000, 2009, and 2014), and I have written extensive criticisms of each of them showing they are one-sided, incomplete, unscientific and highly misleading (see here, here and here).

Now the USGCRP wants to churn out a steady stream of similar quality work. The Trump Administration cannot possibly want this climate hype machine to proceed, but so far nothing has been done to stop it from becoming the perpetual national climate scare.

One reason for the lack of intervention is there is no one to stop it. Technically, the USGCRP reports to the head of the…

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