Fired EPA staffers form ‘rogue’ anti-Trump support group

Watts Up With That?

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From Free Range Report July 20, 2017

Following eight years under Obama, where there were few constraints on the fatuousness of their policies, or the damage caused by regulatory assaults on private property and individual rights, these little dictators are now looking for other thrones from which to elevate their radicalism.

by Marjorie Haun

The conventional wisdom that administrative agencies have been populated with political activists is evidenced by the lemming-like exodus of left-leaning bureaucrats from of the EPA. On July 19, Greenwire published an article titled, “EPA: The staffer escape network.” Its title infers something akin to a bureaucratic Underground Railroad; a conduit of freedom for government-funded activists who’ve gotten the boot by a new pragmatic, pro-energy, pro-states’ rights administration. However, a reading of Greenwire’s report reveals that these former EPA staffers are not seeking freedom, but are attempting to…

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