Objections mount to wind proposal

Oppose! Swanton Wind

St. Albans Messenger, June 19, 2017

Intervenors oppose discovery limits

Messenger Staff Writer

SWANTON — Parties filed responses to Swanton Wind’s motion to limit discovery questions for the remainder of the case on Friday.

The filings send a clear, and discernably bitter response: No way. And here’s why.

Swanton Wind filed the motion on June 7, after “recommending” the limitation of discovery questions in a late May filing concerning a new schedule for the project’s Public Service Board (PSB) review.

Christine and Dustin Lang fired back, filing an objection noting what they alleged were specific violations of PSB procedure, requiring a properly filed motion — which Swanton Wind’s counsel then filed.

The motion requests a limit for discovery questions — specifically, no more than 50. Those participating in the PSB review have now submitted more than 1,000 pages of discovery questions to which the PSB…

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