Given the scale of our wind power needs, we need a plan

Oppose! Swanton Wind

Saint Albans Messenger; June 16, 2017; Letter to the editor

There seems to be a lot of naiveté on the part of those advocating for Industrial wind in Vermont.

Firstly: The eastern part of the United States has poor onshore wind resources. The areas with the best wind resources in this country are the mid-west and the mountain areas to the west. That is why Texas is often used as a shining example. Vermont is not Texas. To confirm this simply look at a map of the wind regimes of the United States.

Because of the increase in wind turbine size, to capture the light winds, rotational rates (revolutions per minute or rpm) and the blade pass frequencies (BPF) have dropped into the range of motion sickness identified in ISO 9996:2000, as occurring at 0.1 to 1 Hz and observed in naval research on motion sickness. ‘Naval studies identified acceleration…

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