Be a F***ing Idiot! Canada’s Anti-Reason Bill (language warning)

Climate of Sophistry

-do not read this if you don’t like crude language and general profuse swearing-

It’s the System, Bitches!

Lauren Southern makes the point so well in the video below that I’ll start with her:

Now of course it isn’t stated outright, but what’s the message here? ”The system” is saying: Be a fucking idiot! That’s what the system wants of you. BE A FUCKING IDIOT!

There are billions, billions of these makeup tutorial videos on Youtube, all totally safe and 100% unmolested from any form of thought policing, social justice warrioring, demonetization fuckery, etc. But you make a channel and videos that’s about thinking about something, about actually critically thinking about political machinations, world events, trends, history, science, etc? No no no…no “the system” says…FUCK YOU, just think about your dicks and cunts and that’s it! We’ll PAY you for just thinking about your dicks and cunts only! We’ll pay!…

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