WUWT at 10+ years – I need some help, please

Watts Up With That?

Hello everyone,

I feel like many of you are family, you’ve been with me and this endeavor so long. I started in November of 2006, and I’m approaching my 11th year. In all that time, WUWT has been providing a daily service to readers with original research, commentary, and humor where appropriate.

During this time, we’ve witnessed many great things together: Climategate started here in 2009, and the implosion of the Copenhagen conference as a result. The unmasking of the IPCC, showing that many of the “voodoo science” claims against skeptics made by IPCC chairman Pachauri, were based on fake data,shockingly bad science, and even grey literature. Now the tables are turned, and he’s out in disgrace. Then there was the time that I proved without a doubt that both Al Gore and Bill Nye were not just incompetent, but liars too…

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