BBC – Air Con is Bad mkay but don’t worry we can always torch the skies

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The BBC has quite an interestingarticleon the history of air conditioning which inadvertently shows how deluded some assumptions, twisted by the belief in the carbon dioxide thermostat control knob, can be;

I’d happen to agree with many of the more zany ideas akin to a science fiction dystopia where we torch/nuke the atmosphere, our in the modern crusade to ‘save the world’ or spray/seed it with a manure of an idea in the hopes it solves the non problem of modest warming that our ancestors in colder epochs when glaciers advanced craved…but hey let’s call it a crisis

Yes, let’s screw with a climate that we don’t understand because we are clearly Gods. Leaving geoengineering aside, the article does raise some interesting climate changes which of course go straight down the memory hole;

Long before CO2 reached the magical 1950 mark where anthropogenic forcing became thedominant cause…

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