‘Hite’-Way Robbery amendment gives BigWind POWER in Ohio


“(Senator) Cliff Hite introduces amendment to grant private property to foreign corporations without the consent of the property owner, a land grant unequaled since the days of the railroad robber barons.” Kevon Martis, IICCUSA

Senator Cliff Hite has introduced an amendment to the budget bill returning setback measurements to a non-participating neighbor’s home rather than the property line.   He thinks sufficient protections are provided because he proposes an increase in setbacks from previous property line measurements from 1.1 times turbine height to 1.2 times the height.  Hite claims he is acting on behalf of his constituents who demand reduced setbacks.  He identifies his supporters as Hardin, Putnam, Seneca, Paulding and Fulton Counties.  It would be interesting to ask the County Commissioners in these counties – on the record – if they support the uncompensated seizure of private property.  Ironically, Van Wert commissioners and others have been on record disputing…

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