Rubber-Stamped Wind Farm Approvals by NSW Planning Commission – Rotten to the Core


Angus Taylor MP addresses one very angry community.


The Tarago and Mt Fairy community is nestled on the rolling hills of the southern Tablelands of New South Wales its defenders have, for years now, been in furious opposition to the threat by Spanish outfit, EPYC to spear 88 of these things into the ranges near Lake Bathurst, Tarago, Mayfield, Boro, Mount Fairy and Manar.

Proving that the community’s hatred of these things is equally matched by their persistence and tenacity, locals have been on a war footing since June 2014 – Jupiter wind farm threat sends locals into orbit – with no sign of relenting.

With the proposal about to be considered by the NSW Planning Department (as renowned for its incompetence as its corruption), its defenders have belted the Department with 536 submissions in opposition to the project.

One of its best and brightest is Dr Michael Crawford…

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