Governor sets bad precedent opposing Swanton Wind deal

Oppose! Swanton Wind

St. Albans Messenger, Letter, May 6, 2017

Phil Scott is setting a dangerous precedent by opposing the Swanton Wind development before it even gets a hearing with the Public Service Board.

The Governor should understand how chilling his efforts to ban a specific type of development would be for Vermont’s business climate and reputation as a place to invest.

In a recent Seven Days article, Phil Scott admitted that he no longer believes he has the legal authority to ban wind projects through executive order. He says he is “contemplating another way to prevent ridgeline wind,” by tasking his appointed bureaucrats to make the process more difficult and expensive for the Vermont family business trying to help fuel the state’s economy with a homegrown clean energy project.

Development of all kinds requires years of careful and expensive planning to ensure compliance with Vermont’s environmental laws. No developer expects guaranteed…

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