Do you know why BigWind energy ISN’T free? Learn the answer here…


Our Ohio legislators, like Senator Cliff Hite, do NOT know this information…or if they do, they apparently don’t truly care about the Ohio constituents. WE end up paying for the problems that renewables create. Educate yourself, then please educate others…

Power plants, usually natural gas, must be kept in spinning reserve, ready to come online when the wind stops blowing or the sun stops shining. There is the cost of natural gas to keep these units operating off-line, as well as maintenance costs from the added wear and tear on these units.”

“The strongest winds, which are the best for generating electricity, are found hundreds, if not a thousand or more miles away from where the electricity is used. [Fossil-fuel] power plants are located closer to where the electricity is used.”

“Coal-fired and NGCC power plants were built to operate as baseload plants operating continuously. Cycling results in an increase in the number…

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