Wind opponents seek deadline extensions

Oppose! Swanton Wind

St. Albans Messenger, April 24, 2017
Local residents push for broader participation

Messenger Staff Writer

SWANTON — Community members are fighting for maximum participation in the Public Service Board’s review of Swanton Wind, as that review process becomes potentially more complex and certainly longer.

A visual rendering of the constructed Swanton Wind project as seen from Burton Island in St. Albans, designed by LandWorks for the project.

Patty Rainville resides near Swanton Wind’s proposed construction site, and is one of the project’s opponents.

The board issued its ruling on who can participate under which criteria in early April. For example, any citizen participant falling under the Northwest Regional Planning Commission’s jurisdiction can participate in regards to the project’s “orderly development.”

But that’s as inclusive as the board’s order got in regards to citizen participation. Take Fairfield residents Sally and Bruce Collopy, for example, who applied for…

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