BigWind SUES a township for refusing to let them build (MORE) turbines


Outstanding information in this article. Could this happen in Ohio, Senator Cliff Hite (and others)? Michigan’s MANDATE has created this nightmare and we don’t need the BigWind plague to spread to Ohio! Robert Bryce says it best below, “(BigWind) may produce wind energy, but its real business is subsidy mining”…Additionally, talks have emerged of a bailout for Ohio’s nuclear Besse plant. Why? READ THE LAST PARAGRAPH. These massive subsidies for BigWind are distorting the energy markets and harming our traditional energy producers. The result? We are beginning to see it, other producers are now lining up for subsidies, too. Who will lose? Ultimately, US, because someone has to pay for the subsidies through higher electric rates…..

A renewable energy company that is worth $60 billion — and hasn’t paid federal income taxes for the last seven years — is among the country’s largest recipients of federal subsidies. It’s also suing…

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