Ohio school claims BigWind is COSTING the district $


BigWind is some of the most expensive energy on the planet.  We have argued this point for years, but the BigWind marketers are masterful at telling the public another story- and perception becomes reality.  Well, the reality is clear in this story.  If you remove the dozens of tax breaks, subsidies and advantages that BigWind receives, you will see energy that is triple the cost of our current generators. Additionally, BigWind is rife with mechanical failures, but these are often hidden from the public.  What appears to be a simple machine is actually a complex one with thousands of parts. How can we claim this? Read through our home page to learn more.  We have examined the electricity rates of countries, all over the world, where BigWind has been present longer than the USA. Their electricity rates are 3x ours! Denmark is a prime example.  Please inform YOUR legislator of…

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