South Australia’s Ridiculous Wind Power Push Driving Business to Bankruptcy: Power Prices Triple (Again)


Jay Weatherill: determined to destroy SA business.


In Australia’s so-called wind power capital, South Australia, its hapless Labor government is crowing about having reached its ludicrous 50% renewable energy target. However, the cost of that vanity project is crippling what remains of South Australia’s productive enterprise.

In our recent post – Economic Carnage: SA’s Rocketing Power Prices Crippling Miners, Bakers & Brewers Alike – we covered the pain being felt by miners like BHP Billiton, bakers and brewers like South Australian icon, Coopers.

Now, South Australia’s butchers have joined the growing list of businesses reeling from power prices that just keep on doubling, almost every year. We deal with the reasons for South Australia’s rocketing power prices below, but first here’s The Australian’s Michael Owen.

South Australia’s ‘energy mess’ threatens to butcher jobs
The Australian
Michael Owen
11 April 2017

A 112-year-old butchers’ co-operative that directly employs more than…

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