Where I get hate mail from an unhinged eco-warrior

Watts Up With That?

People send me stuff, sometimes it’s irrational hate mail from snowflakes…like this one.

Per our WUWT policy on such things, anonymity is not guaranteed, though it probably a fake email address anyway. And I thought Tripp Funderburk was over the top!

Anonymity is not guaranteed on this blog. Posters that use a government or publicly funded IP address that assume false identities for the purpose of hiding their source of opinion while on the taxpayers dime get preferential treatment for full disclosure, ditto for people that make threats.

I’d say there’s a threat in this comment, wouldn’t you?

If you want to make me Target#1, well then you go right ahead. Though I doubt people like yourself, who hide behind obfuscated emails and handles, have any real capability beyond doing anything beyond email rants sent from their mom’s basement.

And the left wonders why nobody is taking them seriously…

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