Belfast International Airport Solar Farm Saves £100K–And Guess Who Pays?


By Paul Homewood

Hugh Sharman sent me this story from EDIE, who describe themselves as the market-leading information resource driving sustainability in business for nearly 20 years.


The 4.84MWp Crookedstone facility, located a third of a mile from the airport’s terminal building, is also set to save 2,100 tonnes of carbon emissions each year – equivalent to taking 469 cars off the road.

The solar farm generates more than a quarter of Belfast International’s annual electricity needs, and has reportedly enabled the airport to run on solar power alone for nine hours at certain peak generation times.

Belfast International Airport operations director Alan Whiteside said: “The solar farm project has exceeded all expectations. From switch-on in March to the end of the year, the ‘ballpark’ savings were over £100,000.

“The project is consistently delivering a reliable ‘green’ and cost-saving energy supply for the airport. No other airport in either the…

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