80,000 Yrs of Arctic Ice Melted in Single Weekend

Watts Up With That?

News Brief by Kip Hansen

No, really…no kidding here…this is a real disaster.   This is not Fake News!

Here’s the story, from the NY Times’ Tatiana Schlossberg (and here):

“Ice from the Canadian Arctic has completely melted, leaving puddles of water in its place and scientists devastated.

O.K., this is what actually happened: Ice cores, millennia-old ice samples extracted by scientists from locations across the Canadian Arctic, melted because of a freezer malfunction in a lab at the University of Alberta in Edmonton. The loss of these ice cores could hinder scientific research into how changes in the atmosphere have shaped Earth’s climate history, and how they could affect its future.

On April 2, the temperature of a storage freezer in the Canadian Ice Core Archive rose to about 100 degrees —… “

Now that’s Arctic warming — 100 degrees (F?) in a storage freezer?

“…some part…

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