Below is the presentation given to the Multi Municipal group that meets in Chesley every month.

Below is the presentation given to the Multi Municipal group that meets in Chesley every month. 


One very good question that came up was, “Did the public health unit have a parameter around the turbines when they came up with a total population and percentage of people affected?”  If memory serves me well and without digging into ancient emails, they did draw a parameter around the turbines.  The point I wanted to make with this part of the talk was that the number of complaints officially received was probably not an accurate representation of the scope of the problem, for various reasons given. 


Please take a moment to click on the link and watch the video by Dr. Alves-Pereira.  It’s a simple and clear presentation on the physical bombardment people around turbines are experiencing whether they are feeling ill or not.


All I speak to in this presentation is backed up with emails, all were printed out and on hand for this presentation.  Unless I was given permission to share names, some victim’s names and identifying information was redacted.


Presentation to the Multi Municipal Wind Turbine Working Group, Jan. 12, 2017:


Barb Ashbee and I have travelled from one end of this province to the other talking to groups of people on what happens to an unknown number of people when IWTs are introduced into communities.  Why did we do this?  Because Barb lived it and never wants to again, and I documented Barb’s and many other’s experience, focusing mainly on the health problems that came with the turbines.  To emphasize, Barb lived it.  I asked the people who lived it.  I’ve experienced it too in the course of helping with victim’s meetings and visiting individual homes.  No one wanted to see this harm happen to any more people.


I’m back to speak about it again tonight because there is too much misinformation being put out there; some seem to want to minimalize the problem, some seem to want to make a buck off the problem and some don’t seem to have a clue about what’s happening at ground zero but speak as though they do anyway.


As mentioned previously, I’ve spoken and visited with a good number of people who have and/or who are watching their health deteriorate with the advent of IWT’s to the neighbourhood.  There is a physical bombardment from turbines as demonstrated by Mariana Alves-Pereira’s recent presentation at .  The presentation introduction is in another language, the body of the presentation is in english and is very simple and clear.


In spite of years of effort, we still hear the same old non-committal BS from academics and politicians being used as fact,  most of it unsubstantiated as far as I can see.  None of them have lived it.  Many have not even spoken to the people being harmed but those who go along with this govt’s claim of having a policy for ‘proper turbine placement’,  get the meetings, get the media and get the grants although I hope this tide is slowly turning.


The information being bounced around about the ill effects from turbines is, generally speaking, just not representative of what people are dealing with.


The people who have lived with it understand that the impacts go far beyond the term ‘annoyance’ as most use the word.


Kevin Dooley is promoting the sale of a machine.  He may be trying to help in the best way he can with the background he has but the symptoms dealing with motion sickness are only a small part of the bundle of symptoms that are reported from the audible swooshing noises, the infrasound, low frequency vibration and dirty electricity. It may help some to some degree, but it is not a solution. Shutting the turbines down or moving far away from them is the only thing that alleviates the symptoms.


The note sent out by Ron Higgins, Ontario Multi Municipal Group,  condenses health problems to, “complaints about symptoms such as pulse irregularities and states of anxiety”.  Mayor Higgins makes a list of demands to the govt, none of which address the serious health problems people are currently living with.


Recently I noted that Wind Concerns Ontario has been telling a number of people that there have been 2,700 complaints regarding IWTs in Ontario.  So, I contacted Jane Wilson and asked where she got 2,700 complaints from, a number that has been used in slide shows, letters to WHO and in a meeting with Dianne Saxe, Environmental Commissioner.  I know use of Wind Concerns Ontario’s ‘2,700 complaints in Ontario’ has been used in situations other than those mentioned here.


After sifting through a number of emails with personal accusations and a lot of vague information, I can tell you where 2,700 complaints comes from in 4 sentences.  The number is an estimate from a govt employee given over the phone with nothing in writing to back it up.  The number pertains to complaints up to the year 2014.  We don’t even know for sure if it represents ‘files’ or ‘complaints’.  There isn’t even an FOI in hand to back up the 2,700 complaint phone guestimate.


I don’t have a tally of complaints in my files but 2,700 complaints did not seem at all accurate to me so I simply ASKED a few people who have lived under and complained about turbines for some time now about their own complaint numbers.  In less than a week, with answers from only 7 people, some who qualify their answer with ‘ at least’ or ‘more than’, gave numbers that added up to 1,950 complaints in total.


Just 7 people alone in Ontario account for 1,950 complaints.


This includes complaints to MOE offices, to the spills hotline and to politicians.  Some of these people have had their file arbitrarily closed by MOE.  Some have had MOE set up noise monitoring.  Some, especially in the beginning, went to many meetings with MOE staff.  All have been ignored.  According to a recent article,  bureaucrats have been falsifying dates on FOI requests since they can’t seem to get around to doing them on time.  I do not have faith that information from the govt that may someday actually go out to anyone, will be terribly accurate, especially when files were arbitrarily closed over objections of the impacted people who made the files to begin with.


Please quit using the phrase of ‘2,700 complaints about turbines in Ontario’ unless hard copy information on what the number means is available and you make sure those qualifications are presented along with the number.  How many people have already walked away with this misinformation, thinking the turbine health problem really isn’t that bad?  Far too many at this point, in my opinion.


Also, I think it’s important to stress that the number of people hit by symptoms is probably not as small as the 15% that Hazel Lynn gave out early on in this battle, another number that is maddeningly repeated again and again.  I asked the Bruce/Grey Public Health Unit where the number came from when they first put it out.  Hazel Lynn’s assistant, Andrew Barton, emailed to tell me they added up the number of people who actually called the public health unit and complained, divided it up by population and came up with that percentage.


Some people don’t complain to anyone for a few reasons.  Some never think to call public health at all for wind turbine troubles.  Some don’t want to jeopardize the sale of their home aka their only way to escape turbines, many don’t even make the connection of the sudden start-up of symptoms with the start-up of the turbines, some die and some wash their hands of it all and leave, regardless of whether the home is sold or not. The government was asked to visit each home in the turbine projects years ago to check on health complaints or to record who was having problems. They did not. Most people in early projects had no idea who or where to complain to and many were beaten down when they did tell others because green energy was such a worshipped ideal.  People were told they’d get used to it.  It is absolutely impossible to know what percentage of people have been affected and to claim knowing a percentage by anyone cannot be genuine.  It is impossible to even gather this information anymore because so many have moved away to escape. There will never be an answer and the percentage could be higher than 50 % in some projects.


People are generally private about health issues and only a small number have ever been vocal due to reasons listed above.  I know this because I have met with many who would never be public but who trusted me to talk to.  The best feedback on those who did complain lies with the MOE and health ministries and they are unlikely to ever deliver those numbers. They have been asked. Maybe more people should be asking. And with what they do know, maybe more people should be demanding a shut down of operating projects. Just because Jack and Jeff say their families are not affected, does not give permission to let Joe and Jerry’s families suffer because the number is not high enough.  Some people are losing everything.


It is utterly discouraging to have to keep saying the same thing again and again but evidently it’s necessary to do so.  People are still being harmed.  Those people are still being dismissed and ridiculed and minimalized.  I’m still waiting to see the demand that turbines currently harming families in rural Ontario be shut down, 24/7.


What is the policy of each municipality when someone complains to them, especially when reasonable and respected residents have found no other solution than to move away?  Don’t you believe that under the Municipal Act, you have an obligation to safeguard the health and well being of your residents and would that at least mean you should pass on these individual complaints to the Provincial Govt? Are you aware of the possibility that ultimately there may be liability issues associated with a municipality’s failure to take action on the health complaints?


Lorrie Gillis

Grey Highlands


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