Maine hammered by high electricity rates thanks to BigWind


Thank you Gov. LePage, who sees the realities behind BigWind. BigWind contributes to the instability of our electrical grid and requires backup support from coal and natural gas. Additionally, we subsidize the industry, at astronomically high rates, and then pay more for their unreliable electricity. Maine is paying the price, with high electricity rates that hurt their citizens and business environment…. 

According to the governor, Maine’s electricity prices are among the highest in the nation, ranking 11 in states with the highest rates. LePage said, “When you see your electricity bill, you should know that rates are artificially high.” This, LePage said, is due to subsidies and something called “stranded costs.”

In common parlance, this means that the reason our electricity rates are so high is because of the taxpayer dollars that go to the solar and wind industries to buoy them financially. Readers of this column may recall that I…

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