Cans can bounce (back)

The Law is my Oyster


There have been a number of interesting comments on Nigel’s blog of last week, “Kicking Cans”. One of those was a link to a German article by a medical doctor on important new research regarding the dangers of infrasound emitted by wind turbines. The ever tenacious Nigel de Haas has again offered his literary and editing skills by providing a readable translation of this article, which I reproduce here (the highlights and spacing are mine):


March 27, 2017

Infrasound – the boomerang of energy sources

Dr. Thomas Carl Stiller is a specialist physician of general medicine and co-founder of “Doctors for Emission Control” (AEFIS).

People living in proximity to wind power plants often describe their complaints concerning low-frequency noise (infrasound) from these plants as “I feel what you cannot hear.”

But what is the cause of infrasound, what impact does it have on…

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