Green Mythology: Sun, Wind, Waves & Tides Fail to Deliver the Goods



Perpetual motion machines, turning lead into gold and capturing moonbeams in a jar are just some of the fanciful notions that have attracted human attention over the eons.

The last generation have been obsessed in their attempts to run whole economies on the weather. For those that launched all out efforts to run on sunshine and breezes, the results have been an unmitigated disaster (think notionally wind powered South Australia, now an international laughing stock).

As policymakers seek to quietly retreat from the brink, there are always a few members of the pack who think they can still trade their way out of trouble by building enormous (non-existent) batteries or those who seek quite literally to turn the tide.

Whether its sunshine, wind, waves or tides the ideal is always outstripped by the real – a bit like alchemy, really. Here is a sharp little analysis from Euan Mearns, busting…

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