If Pierpont is a kook, as the windies declare her to be, why did Daniel d’Entremont and his family abandon this home (see attached) in Nova Scotia?  I don’t mean they sold it.  I said “abandoned” it.  They didn’t lease it; they abandoned it.  Locked the front door and walked away.  This man called Nina repeatedly virtually in tears, begging for help and an understanding of why he and his family (wife, numerous children) were dreadfully ill — once those turbines were installed and turned on.


As it happens, Dr. Nina got calls from people (calls or emails) from all over the world.  Same story in every case.  Many of these people did as the d’Entremonts did:  abandoned their homes!


Think.  What would it take for you to abandon your home?  Would, say, some “kooky” theory by a kooky physician drive you out of your home?


Take a look at this kooky physician.  Here, click here    Look at these credentials.  Swoon over them!  For, yes, they are worth swooning over.  You will never, ever, in your entire life meet anyone — man or woman — with comparable credentials.


Hey, I’ve copied this note to a lady in Ontario, Canada.  Norma Schmidt, RN.  Watch this video featuring, among other WTS victims, Norma.  Then go ahead and send her an email letting her know that the one physician on earth who supported her and explained to her what was happening — that this physician, Dr. Nina Pierpont, is regarded as a nut case and kook for explaining what happened to Nursing Professor Norma Schmidt.


Then tell me if you think Attorney Gary Abraham should in fact throw this doctor under the bus, as you put it.  Then, if you’re still with me, tell me why you’re not going to go out and announce to the world that you’re going to fight these criminal degenerates who call themselves wind energy salesmen — and fight your neighbors who sign leases with these criminal degenerates — tell me why you’re not going to fight these people to your last breath.  For Norma Schmidt’s sake.  For Andreas Marciniak’s sake in Australia (I’ve copied him, as well).  In fact for too many people to mention — all of whom had to abandon their homes.


Patti.  Some of them abandoned not just their home but their life — they committed suicide.  As Norma came close to doing.


Kooky Dr. Pierpont.  I want you to defend her with every ounce of strength you have.  You will never, ever, meet a smarter more noble human being.  I guarantee.







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