Effect of Atmospheric CO2 Concentrations on Early Human Societies

Watts Up With That?

Guest essay by Don Healy

Agriculture in ancient Egypt. Their main crops were wheat, barley and ’emmer’ wheat. Source: wall mural

During the past 100,000 years, human societies have witnessed the vast change in climate that has occurred as we have transitioned from a glacial period that ended about 20,000 years ago, into the current interglacial period. During the early stages of this period, human lived as hunter/gatherers, relying on a diet that was very heavily weighted towards meat from a wide variety of wild animals, but also included eggs, nuts, fruits and grasses, to the past 10,000 years or less, when agriculture became a much more dominate feature in society and allowed human populations to remain in the one area and create towns and small hamlets. With agriculture came the domestication of many of the wild meat sources.

As the agricultural model was perfected, much larger town and cities…

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