Is there a Linux specialist in the house?

Watts Up With That?

In the attached picture you’ll be able to see what’s happening to one of my most important servers containing some irreplaceable climate data. I’m at a loss and understand what’s going on because Linux is not my specialty and my Linux expert has since moved on to other ventures. It’s very important I get this server working again, so I’m asking the WUWT community for help.

The server had been offline for a few weeks, and was properly shut down. Upon powering it back up, I got a “no bootable disk found” message. I determined the RAID (Hardware RAID1 – 2 mirrored drives) had been degraded, and it seemed one disk had failed. So I purchased two new identical HD’s cloned the good one, and rebuilt the RAID1. The RAID is administered by an on-board Adaptec RAID controller, and it reports the RAID as healthy.

What happens now is that…

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