Dear Sir or Madam,

The World Council for Nature opposes the erection of wind turbines in the Great Lakes, in view of the predictable contamination of their waters by oil leaks, oil spills and cleaning detergents from these machines and their maintenance crews and vessels. Upon request, we will provide you with documented evidence of pollution caused by wind turbines.

Wind turbines in the Great Lakes will also cause millions of migrating birds to die, many of them endangered, as per our open letter of 2016 “Don’t Trash The Great Lakes” published in the Daily Caller and other media:


We reiterate our strong opposition to wind turbines, which cost billions of dollars in tax breaks  while providing zero benefits to society (in view of their unpredictable intermittency). Jobs created are more than offset by jobs lost in other sectors.

Please confirm that our comments have been docketed.

Mark Duchamp    +34 693 643 736
President, Save the Eagles International

Chairman, World Council for Nature


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