Stranded Assets


STRANDED ASSETS (fron Renewable News)
Scotland has nearly 2GW of consented commercial-scale onshore wind projects without an
immediate route to market.The portfolio includes developments awaiting policy on
support for islands wind, those with long-term grid or aviation constraints, and otherwise shovel-ready schemes simply awaiting clarity on the future shape of the UK wind market.
Developers predicted a number of long-in-the-tooth schemes designed to succeed under the Renewables Obligation will simply not progress. “The lower wind speed sites as a
general rule appear likely to fall by the wayside,” said one source. “Some of the small fry are also not really worth chasing.” Some consented ‘old school’ projects do have a future in the postsubsidy era but will require tweaks to current design. “I think you will see a lot of the previous generation of projects going back into planning in search of taller tips or bigger rotors, and perhaps even enhanced site design,” said the source. Renegotiation of lease deals with landowners may also be necessary to reflect the lower margins required
under the new system. A…

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