Trump Should Keep Promise, Withdraw U.S. from Paris Climate Treaty

Watts Up With That?

Guest essay by Christopher C. Horner

President Trump should keep his campaign promise and rescind or otherwise withdraw the United States from President Obama’s purported commitment to the Paris climate pact, made in September 2016 on his way out the door. There are several ways of doing so, but the plainly superior option is to extricate the United States from the UN-orchestrated world of climate diplomacy entirely. The dishonest, unconstitutional process in which the Paris agreement has been advanced demonstrates why.

First of all, no reasonable negotiating party should have credited the legitimacy of the last-minute acceptance of Paris in the first place. President Obama moved forward with the agreement despite an unprecedented Supreme Court stay of the rules, known as the Clean Power Plan, that were to serve as the U.S.’s principal means of compliance. As all parties were aware, the stay in West Virginia, et al…

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